Welcome to Droichead Youth Theatre Online!

Welcome to Droichead Youth Theatre Online, your one stop source for all things Droichead Youth Theatre! This new blog of ours was set up in the hopes of educating, enlightening and a little bit of entertaining.


Here on the blog you’ll be treated to weekly posts by some of our many talented writers, covering a whole host of topics such as trips to the theatre, workshop reports, and opinions on the things that matter to us, such as politics, gender policy, the state of the arts, and Disney movies, lot of Disney movies. So be sure to direct your eyes here every Wednesday for your midweek Droichead fix! Or even better, sign up to our mailing list over there to the right and be informed straight away when theres a new post. With each guest writer expect a new style of writing and fresh voice to keep you on your toes! Be sure to check in next week for Member Louis Flanagan’s review of Pronoun by Evan Placey!